Strolling unplugged  at Candlelight Winery
The Official Peggy and Brad Photo
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Coil and ReCoil, that's us - at Kent's
Art in the Park, the gig that started it all
some 7 years back.  Photo from the
local Kent paper.
wouldn't resort to such shenanigans on their first gig
at an upscale winery, but then we ain't most people.  
Thorncreek winery, Aurora.
Most people
I don't understand why we
were never asked back to play
at LeFevre's
Outside Max McQ's on a cold fall night.
Peggy stopped traffic on Merriman
Road  - Wot a performer !
The Master Baster  at work
The master at home.  And
yes, this is my real mailbox.
Tools of the bastering trade.  
What, you don't keep basters at
the ready in
your sink?
Dr. Tom, retired biking buddy, presented
me with a stainless steel baster -
engraved with my name.  
Note handmade rosewood baster
stand, courtesy of Mr. Wagnitz.
Closeup of the engraved baster -
"Brad Bolton, Master Baster"
Brings a tear to the eye.
The other Peggy and Brad - cheap
impersonators if ya ask me.
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Stop the presses - Peggy
caught singing to George for
his birthday - article in the
Hartville News.  
The Turkey Baster Chronicles
Kickin' serious booty at the
Kent's biggest annual event
Kent Heritage Fest,
Contact us
Here we are at the Portage County
Environmental Awards Dinner.  
You can dress me up, but I strike the
same pose everywhere.  And yes,
Peggy uses eco-friendly rechargeable
batteries in her microphone !
Tom, ready to dig into his carrot cake
at Hyde Park Grille.  Wot a place !  Big
entertainment, big dessert.  No, make
that huge dessert.  And Tom is no
showing off my favorite beverage,
Cricket Cola, at
Thorncreek Winery.
The lovely Peggy
Amy at Prosperity in Cleveland -
believe it or else, she asked for the
Akron Canton Theme Song - who else
could play it but us?
Brad, Steve, Patsy, Ann, Lisa - our
most loyal fans.  Except for me, of
course.   Viking Vineyard, long after
everyone else left.  I count on Steve
for Sunday munchies to get me
through dinnertime  ;o)
Yes, she got wine.
Peggy doing double duty
at Candlelight Winery.
The pugs had never seen
anything like it.
Here we are ready to chow
down at our CD release party.
We get first dibs on the cake,
of course.
Our loyal fans at the CD party with "Tush wipe" Ann at far left.  
Viking Vineyards, Oct. 2007.
Peggy, Michael, and Brad.
Michael did the artwork for the
CD, poster, and much of what
you see on our website.
Steve CATalano is unexpectedly
greeted by the claws of a
Candlelight Winery Cat - or was
Peggy singing the Chair Song in
the buff?  I'll never tell . . .
Peggy at Big City Chop House.  
No, she did not fall over.
More silliness at our CD party.
Trying our hardest to strike the same
pose we made for our poster, which
begs the question - Why bother?
The Master Baster at Trinity Lutheran
Church in Kent for their 20th annual
Mardi Gras dinner.  It was great fun,
but what little credibility I had in Kent is
now gone since this appeared in our
local paper.  Probably for the best.
George Collins hand-made this beautiful
wooden pepper mill for me.  Shaped like a
baster, it really grinds pepper - George
titled it the "Bold and Stout Baster" or - the
BS baster.  Thanks George !  Note the
baster support base - tornado-proof !
I have achieved immortality.  Laurie
Howard found her daughter. Stella,
imitating The Master.  Brings a tear to
the eye knowing that my art will be
passed on *sniff*
Some young guy made this
drawing of us at Art in the
Park, Sept. 2008.  Peggy looks
so worried.  I look ready to kill.