Mike Lenz - Carrying the torch
for Akron blues
Peggy Coyle - the Diva who holds
nuttin' back on stage.
Visit Peggy
WAPS - home of my fav-o show, the Beyondo
Mondo Record Party, Sunday nights at 11 pm.
Maize Valley - family-run winery with a
market and a pumpkin cannon.  And
this wine - it takes ba - uh, guts, to sell
this wine.
Viking Vineyard - where we started,
and a wonderful place to play.  Love
their Chambourcin wine!
Candlelight Winery - Chris, Amanda,
their daughters and pugs treat us like
family.  A friendly room with stars in the
ceiling and cats on the floor.
Contact us
Akron Antique Audio - If you're into
old audio gear, this is your place.
Thorncreek Winery -   Home of the
beautiful patio and my fave beverage,
Cricket Cola, here presented by the
lovely Peggy Coyle.
Bongo Joe and Little Steve-O - The
hardest working blues duo in the area,
featuring the soulful voice of Steve and
guitar of Bongo Joe.