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Tune of the month -
The Akron Canton Theme song -
You've heard us do it, now hear the
original.  Broadcast on WHLO around
1970.  Courtesy of the
Beyondo Mondo
Record Party, WAPS FM -
11 PM every Sunday night
The Ohio State Fight Song as you've never heard it before -
on four, that's right, four harmonized turkey basters.
A sample of Peggy & Brad
Some George Martin lookalike has been coming to our
gigs with a big ol' microphone - sez he worked at RCA
back in the day.  Not sure I believe him, but he did give
us these clips . . .
Them There Eyes
Steppin' Out
I Love You Honey
Curious about the basics of bastering?
Brad introduces the bastering art on
The baster's 2 1/2 minutes of fame on Michael
Feldman's Whad'Ya Know national broadcast on
National Public Radio.  
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oh-so-special -
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The wacky band that inspired Spike Jones, the
Hoosier Hotshots.  Here they play "
Since We
Put a Radio in the Henhouse", popular
around 1940.  Silly stuff.