Thanks to Dean-O for posting the p n b
dates on Peggy's calendar -
U R the best !
"Peggy and Brad" dates are in
peach on Peggy's calendar
Look, up on the stage -
It's an orchestra -
It's vaudeville -
No, it's . . . .
One voice
One guitar
Jazz for chillin'
Pop you forgot
Novelty you never knew
Down home blues
TV themes
Compromised kitchen utensils
Odes to living room furniture
Visit Peggy
* What you just heard was a tune from a stereo demonstration LP from
1961 titled "Stereo Action - the Sound Your Eyes Can Follow".   When stereo
was new, it was promoted in every way possible - and this LP is one of the
best examples.  Use headphones for full effect.
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Thanks to Michael Toth for letting me use the
Peggy and Brad photo and starbursts.
The brand spankin' new Peggy and
Brad CD is hot off the presses - and I
mean hot - these things are sittin' in
the sun in my car begging to be
taken home and loved.  We'll have
'em for sale wherever you see us -
$15 each.  You can also get 'em at
CDBaby.  And yes, there is a baster
song on it - in 4 part baster harmony!
"I just love the new Peggy and Brad
CD. It's so . . . evocatively captivating"
June H., housewife